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Industrial wastewater treatment systems involve complex parts and regulations. That’s why industry leaders depend on PAI for all their industrial wastewater needs.

PAI delivers high performance MWRA industrial wastewater predictive maintenance programs to get your facility into MWRA compliance and keep it there.

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Solving MWRA Compliance Issues for Boston Area Hotels

Snapshot: Boston Area Hotels

Boston area hotels have recently been looking to solve MWRA compliance issues with the implementation of increased MWRA inspections to ensure compliance with discharge regulations. MWRA hotel laundry regulations present the most recent hurdle: hotels need to have a primary […]

PAI’s Solvent Dispensing System Ideal for Lab Space

Only Closed Loop System Approved for Use in Massachusetts
PAI has developed the only closed loop dispensing system approved for use in Massachusetts, providing companies with improved flexibility for their chemistry laboratories. This system is designed for pharmaceutical companies and organizations that need to¬†better […]