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Water & Pure Water Systems for Higher Education Environments

It can feel overwhelming for colleges and universities to make higher education water systems and processes successful amidst strict regulations and tight budgets. We help some of the most prestigious colleges and universities stay safe, compliant, and productive all within a tight budget.

If your institution’s water systems aren’t functioning exactly as they should be, you can quickly amass hefty fines, miss critical deadlines, and even put your students, faculty, and staff at risk.

Practical Applications’ team of scientists, engineers, and compliance specialists has decades of experience helping some of the most prestigious institutions solve complex water challenges.

How We Help Colleges and Universities Achieve Success

Practical Applications can evaluate and improve your institution’s water treatment systems so you can avoid contamination, minimize the need for emergency maintenance, and save money.

1. Avoid Contamination

Many laboratory pure water systems often have bacteria control issues. If you discover that the bacteria in your institution’s laboratory’s pure water system is high, it’s critical to have it evaluated; otherwise, you risk significant effects on experimental outcomes. Practical Applications can help make sure you have ultrapure water on demand.

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Pure Water System Sanitization & Ultrafilter Update

We helped a technical design & engineering university remove bacteria from their pure water system by updating the ultrafilter and increasing the UV power.


pH Neutralization System Evaluation & Upgrades

We helped a large, private university mitigate unplanned night and weekend service work on their campus's seven pH systems by auditing and improving their design.
2. Minimize the Need for Emergency Maintenance

If your institution’s water systems are outdated or poorly designed, it can create significant challenges for your operations—including the continuous need for after hours or emergency maintenance. And while Practical Applications proudly offers 24/7 emergency maintenance for local clients, we can also help evaluate and redesign your water systems to significantly improve performance, perform routine maintenance, and minimize or completely eliminate downtime/emergency maintenance.

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3. Save Money

Make the most out of your institution’s budget by ensuring that your water processes and systems are operating as efficiently as possible. Practical Applications can help you select high-tech equipment that’s designed for longevity, so that you can make an investment to preserve resources in the long run.

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Practical Applicatoins Custom Legacy Mercury Clean Up Pure Water System

Legacy Mercury Cleanup

We helped a private research university save more than $100k by expediting their legacy mercury cleanup process, allowing them to relocate to a leased space more quickly.

Explore Our Water & Wastewater Services

Custom Equipment & Systems

Whether you need a system designed on a new build or to replace an older piece of equipment that’s become antiquated, we can help design the perfect custom system for your research lab or technical building.

Engineering Consulting

Don’t rely on a general environmental consultant for something as complex as pure water and wastewater systems. Practical Applications can evaluate and simplify your current systems to save you time and money.

On-Site Service & Maintenance

Our engineering technicians’ wastewater and pure water system knowledge is second-to-none. We’ll fix it right the first time so that you can be back up and running quickly and avoid any compliance issues.

Take Control of Your Water Processes

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