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We’re As Focused on Environment, Health, and Safety As You

As an EHS professional, you oversee some of the most important aspects of your organization. It can be especially challenging to control your organization’s TRI rate, keep track of ever-changing regulations in your industry, and keep up with permitting all while managing the day-to-day responsibilities of your role.

Practical Applications can help with all aspects of your organization’s water & wastewater processes. Our team of experts can help you remain compliant and keep your employees safe.

How We Help EHS Managers Achieve Success

In an EHS role, your success doesn’t only impact you—it impacts your entire organization in terms of safety and compliance. Practical Applications can eliminate barriers to your success so that you and your organization can come out on top.

Engineering Consulting

As your engineering consultant, we can help your organization avoid water/wastewater permit violations and ensure that all regulations are consistently met. Our team has extensive experience with strategic water sampling to meet permit requirements. We also have expertise with diagnostic analysis and EPA averaging to avoid violations.

Custom Equipment & Systems

Old and malfunctioning water equipment can greatly impact your organization’s success. Outdated equipment often leads to code violations and more injuries/higher TRI rates. Practical Applications can assess your water equipment, proactively identify issues, and repair or replace your systems to minimize risk on your organization.

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Discover how Practical Applications has helped EHS managers just like you rethink their organization’s water processes.


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