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pH Neutralization Systems

pH neutralization systems help industrial facilities meet wastewater discharge regulations. These systems are used to treat acidic and alkaline wastewater so that the wastewater that is discharged to the sewer or waterway is safe.

Practical Applications’ family of GDS pH neutralization systems offers the best and most complete line of pH monitoring and control systems in the country. Over 25 years of expert experience and knowledge in industrial wastewater is incorporated into the design and fabrication of our systems resulting in high quality, high performance, durable, and reliable systems.

Practical Applications’ line of GDS systems is designed to neutralize and discharge laboratory waste to the sewer. The GDS systems can be designed to accommodate any flow rate, composition, or load. They are available with automatic or continuous operation and continuously monitor effluent pH.

Key Features & Benefits

Easy to install

Our pH neutralization systems come equipped with single-point power and only 3 plumbing attachments for easy and quick installation. They are supplied as a complete, pre-assembled, and skid-mounted structure.

Single-Point Power

Our pH Neutralization systems have a single-point power connection wired directly into the panel's main disconnect, and all other wiring is factory installed and tested. This results in a simple electrical installation and no delays in startup

UL Listed to ensure safety


Designed for safety, simplicity, and compliance

They are completely gas-tight to ensure odor emission, include high and low level pH alarms, have an easy to read control panel that displays alarm conditions, pH values and indicates any parameter that is out of specification before it becomes a problem. They have assured regulatory compliance.

Guaranteed reliability and performance

GDS systems are designed for long trouble-free service backed by Practical Application’s 25 plus years of experience in the design of pH neutralization systems and the hundreds of successful applications throughout the United States. They are designed for minimal maintenance and uninterrupted service. Each system is assembled and thoroughly tested prior to shipping.

Take Control of Your Water Systems

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