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Pure Water Systems

A high purity water system is used to remove residual contaminants to meet water quality specifications for a given application. The Practical Application’s RODI system has a proven track record of being reliable while producing consistent, high purity water for use in biotech, healthcare, higher education, food and beverage laboratories.

Key Features & Benefits

High performance and durability

We use high quality materials such as stainless steel, and high purity polyethylene and high purity polypropylene for storage tanks, valves and fittings that are designed for maximum strength, reliability and longevity. Our filtration membranes are chlorine resistant.

Expert engineering design and workmanship


Engineered to fit the lab’s quality and throughput


Every circulation loop skid for each project is custom-sized and designed by our engineers


Easy-to-install and operate


Specially designed for quiet operation


Thin-film composite (TFC) membrane elements in a spiral-wound configuration for quality and long life.


Product water recirculation returns the excess product water into the feed stream, which reduces stress on the RO membranes, conserves water, inhibits bacterial growth, and lowers operating costs.


Each of our systems are designed to exceed your laboratories water quality requirements including ASTM, AAMI, CLSI and USP.


UL Listed digital control panel


Scalable, turnkey modules that meet your water and space requirements


Quick and flexible installation

Take Control of Your Water Systems

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