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Practical Applications Can Simplify Your Job

As A Facilities Manager

As a facilities manager, you are responsible for everything related to your organization’s physical infrastructure: managing budgets, developing and implementing contingency plans, overseeing equipment maintenance and upgrades, and more. These duties add up quickly.

And whether you’re in higher education, healthcare, or any large industrial setting, properly-functioning pure water and wastewater systems are crucial to your organization’s success when it comes to budget adherence, compliance, and safety.

Practical Applications can partner with you to make pure water and wastewater systems the least of your worries as a facilities manager.

How We Help Facilities Managers Achieve Success

Facilities management personnel can rely on Practical Applications to anticipate, identify, and resolve all water and wastewater issues and concerns to keep your operations running smoothly and efficiently.

24-Hour On-site Emergency Maintenance

If you’re in the greater Boston area, our team is on-call 24/7 to assist with your water/wastewater problems. We can quickly help with emergencies day or night.

Engineering Consulting

We are experts in industrial water and wastewater systems. Our team can evaluate and simplify your current systems to save you time and money.

Wastewater Operator Training

Our experts can train your staff to be certified wastewater operators so that they can oversee your systems, ensure compliance, and maximize productivity.

Explore Case Studies

Discover how Practical Applications has helped facilities managers just like you rethink their organization’s water processes.


Photo of industrial plant water systems and pipes - sewer discharge system

Sewer Discharge Rebate Meter

We helped a brewery reduce its sewer costs by 75% by appropriately calculating sewer flow on its sewer effluent pipes.

pH Neutralization System Evaluation & Upgrades

We helped a large, private university mitigate unplanned night and weekend service work on their campus's seven pH systems by auditing and improving their design.

Take Control of Your Water Processes

Contact Practical Applications today and learn how we can help you.