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Water & Wastewater Services for Healthcare Systems

Pure water and wastewater quality is of utmost importance in a medical environment—especially with the risk that mercury-containing devices hospitals so often use pose to wastewater systems and environmental safety.

Practical Applications has decades of experience helping clients in healthcare settings ensure that their water processes and equipment are operating to the highest (and latest) standard. We can help you keep your patients and communities safe all while minimizing risk on your organization.

How We Help Healthcare Systems Achieve Success

Practical Applications can evaluate and improve your hospital system’s water treatment systems so you can minimize contaminants, maintain compliance, and save money.

1. Minimize Contaminants

Toxic contaminants like mercury and other heavy metals can wreak havoc on hospital wastewater systems, and in turn, the environment. If not properly removed, heavy materials can enter landfills and/or our lakes and rivers, posing significant harm to wildlife, human health, and communities at large. Practical Applications can help you properly treat and remove pollutants from your water, like mercury, to protect the environment.

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2. Maintain Compliance

Since healthcare systems are often dealing with more dangerous materials and are responsible for the care and safety of vulnerable people, they are also often faced with some of the most strict regulations out there. But these regulations are ever-changing. One small change can cause your organization to quickly fall out of environmental regulatory compliance. Our team can help minimize the compliance burden so you can focus on your day-to-day responsibilities. Our team at Practical Applications are experts when it comes to the MWRA regulations. We help you navigate the best logical path for compliance.

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3. Save Money

It’s critical for healthcare systems to budget appropriately for environmental health services including appropriate wastewater treatment and pure water production for research and testing. But these things can often be overlooked during budget planning, leaving you with outdated equipment. Practical Applications can help evaluate your processes and equipment to help save you money in the long run, so your budget goes further for other important things.

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Explore Our Water & Wastewater Services

Custom Equipment & Systems

Whether you need a system designed on a new build or to replace an older piece of equipment that’s become antiquated, we can help design the perfect custom system for your research lab or technical building.

Engineering Consulting

Don’t rely on a general environmental consultant for something as complex as pure water and wastewater systems. Practical Applications can evaluate and simplify your current systems to save you time and money.

On-Site Service & Maintenance

Our engineering technicians’ wastewater and pure water system knowledge is second-to-none. We’ll fix it right the first time so that you can be back up and running quickly and avoid any compliance issues.

Take Control of Your Water Processes

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