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Strengthen Your Industrial Construction Project Bid

By Partnering With Practical Applications

Industrial construction projects have certain water-related requirements that Practical Applications is uniquely qualified to handle. From environmental permit applications to custom-designed pure water and pH neutralization systems that can accommodate any water/wastewater composition, flow rate, and load—our team can make your job easier and ensure that the client’s specifications are met.

How We Help MEP Firms Achieve Success

We at Practical Applications understand the engineering/construction industry. We stand behind our designs and guarantee that they meet specifications and performance requirements.

If you specify Practical Applications on your project bid, you can expect:


Unique Solutions

We specialize in custom pure water and pH neutralization systems and have experience across various industries. We back all of our designs with science and engineering and guarantee that they’ll meet specs and performance requirements.

We are invaluable in helping with the plan design and are available to collaborate and guide you through the water and wastewater system design process. When you engage with us early on in the project, design revisions can be significantly reduced--saving time, money, and resources.


Reliability and Responsiveness

We understand the construction industry and our staff supports the urgency needed to complete projects and respond rapidly to changes and customer needs.

Turnkey Systems

Our systems are designed and built in-house with precision. Pre-engineered systems help ease the burden of specifying systems and guarantee faster turnaround on submittals. They also allow for faster installation and are compact enough not to interfere with the client's overall operation.

Tell Us About Your Project

Contact Practical Applications today and learn how we can help your firm stand out.