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Calibrating a pH probe is one of the most essential components to getting a correct reading from your pH neutralization system. If you fail to calibrate a probe the correct way, the pH reading will be out of sorts, leading to headaches for you as the wastewater operator. Read on for these three helpful tips to consider when it comes to calibrating a pH probe properly!


#1 Be Mindful of your Surroundings



Being mindful of your surroundings is one of the easiest ways to ensure success when it comes to calibrating a pH probe. The reality of the situation is that in a facilities space (such as the basement or mechanical room of a building) there aren’t many ‘good’ places to set up for a calibration. Oftentimes, the only work space available to you will be the floor. Checking for a place to safely calibrate the probe as well as keeping your calibration kit within reach are all important things to consider before you begin.


#2 Don’t Aerate the Buffer Solution



pH is a sensitive measurement. Small things can throw off the pH of the solution that you are testing – even small things like air bubbles within the buffer solution! When you pour the buffer solution into a plastic cup, make sure to avoid aeration by pouring the buffer solution in at the side. Think of it like a beer. Avoiding air bubbles will help to ensure your reading is accurate.


#3 Prepare your Calibration Kit in Advance



Preparation is the key to success for many things in life, and pH calibrations are no exception! Stock your calibration kit with the essential items: red, yellow, and blue buffer solution, plastic cups, Q-tips, rubber gloves, paper towels, dionized water, and hand sanitizer are a few key components to a calibration kit. If you accidentally get wastewater on the floor or on yourself, you will be happy to have a prepared calibration kit to clean up the mess!


If you enjoyed this article on three helpful tips when calibrating a pH probe, then you will love watching our YouTube video that takes you step-by-step on how to calibrate a pH probe.

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