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Our Work

Explore our case studies below to discover how Practical Applications has helped organizations in higher education, healthcare, the life sciences, and beyond rethink their water processes and design custom solutions to help them save time, money, and remain compliant.


Photo of industrial plant water systems and pipes - sewer discharge system

Sewer Discharge Rebate Meter

We helped a brewery reduce its sewer costs by 75% by appropriately calculating sewer flow on its sewer effluent pipes.

pH Neutralization System Evaluation & Upgrades

We helped a large, private university mitigate unplanned night and weekend service work on their campus's seven pH systems by auditing and improving their design.
Practical Applicatoins Custom Legacy Mercury Clean Up Pure Water System

Legacy Mercury Cleanup

We helped a private research university save more than $100k by expediting their legacy mercury cleanup process, allowing them to relocate to a leased space more quickly.
Troubleshooting pH neutralization equipment

pH Neutralization System Retrofit to Control Odor

We helped a private research university eliminate pH Neutralization System odor by replacing the cover and mixer on the existing tank with gas tight components, all while minimizing shutdown to 8 hours.

Pure Water System Sanitization & Ultrafilter Update

We helped a technical design & engineering university remove bacteria from their pure water system by updating the ultrafilter and increasing the UV power.
Custom PH System

GMP Facility Wastewater Treatment System Upgrade

We helped a multinational biopharmaceutical company identify a code violation in their system and re-engineered the entire system while it was at full operation.

Milli Q Unit Replacement

We helped an agricultural technology company cut its pure water budget by 50% and reduce ongoing operating costs by designing and installing a central water system to replace Milli Q units.

Steam Effluent Decontamination System Evaluation

We helped a biomedical and genomic research center identify significant safety issues in their Steam Effluent Decontamination System and designed a new, safer solution.

Wastewater Treatment System Equipment Upgrade Using Parallel Systems

We helped a global biotech company avoid downtime and increase throughput by developing a detailed design and plan for a parallel system that would eventually replace their aging equipment.