We helped a large, private university mitigate unplanned night and weekend service work on their campus's seven pH systems by auditing and improving their design.

pH Neutralization System Evaluation & Upgrades

Practical Applicatoins Custom Legacy Mercury Clean Up Pure Water System

We helped a private research university save more than $100k by expediting their legacy mercury cleanup process, allowing them to relocate to a leased space more quickly.

Legacy Mercury Cleanup

Troubleshooting pH neutralization equipment

We helped a private research university eliminate pH Neutralization System odor by replacing the cover and mixer on the existing tank with gas tight components, all while minimizing shutdown to 8 hours.

pH Neutralization System Retrofit to Control Odor

We helped a technical design & engineering university remove bacteria from their pure water system by updating the ultrafilter and increasing the UV power.

Pure Water System Sanitization & Ultrafilter Update