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Wastewater Operator Jobs – Where to look

What industries hire wastewater operators? Wastewater operator jobs can be found in many different (and exciting) industries. Companies involved in pharmaceuticals, food processing, and various manufacturing companies all depend on wastewater operators to stay in compliance. Usually, facilities managers hire wastewater operators for the company they work for. If a company is just starting out, management might not be aware of the need for a wastewater operator until they are in violation.

Differences in wastewater operator jobs – Industrial vs Municipal

There are various types of wastewater operator jobs in the state of Massachusetts and around the country. Many operators work in municipal treatment plants – helping to treat human wastes and local drinking water. Other operators work in the industrial sector, helping cutting edge businesses stay within legal effluent limits. Wastewater operator jobs in the industrial sector provide lots of opportunity for growth, especially as the business expands its operations.

Pros and Cons of Wastewater Operator Jobs

Although the name wastewater doesn’t sound appealing at first, working in the field can be very rewarding. Knowing that your job has an important purpose (keeping water, communities and businesses safe) will motivate you to work each and every day.

Some of the ‘pros’ of wastewater operator jobs are:

  • Getting to work with cutting edge businesses in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries
  • Not having to sit behind a desk all day
  • Using your training (such as our Grade II licensing exam prep course) to solve day to day issues
  • Being an important asset to the business you work for
  • Job security

The ‘cons’ of working in the industry are:

  • Being around various types of waste (especially in the municipal sector)
  • Occasionally being on-call (depending on the needs of the facility)
  • Day to day handling of dangerous chemicals (acids and bases)

Day to Day Duties of Wastewater Operator Jobs

The day to day operations of your job as a wastewater operator will be fairly routine. Things such as checking the effluent levels of your pH system and recording the flow rate will be a daily part of the job. Your license grade (based on the grade level of the facility) will also determine how much managerial activities you will be performing. At minimum, there will be two operators hired at all compliant facilities and your duties may or may not be split with another person. If you work to advance your license, you may be in charge of a small team and take on a more managerial position. Other job duties include; troubleshooting, calibrating equipment, recording and testing samples, ordering chemicals and handling deliveries, and much more.

Job Searches – Websites to Check Out

Finding a job as an industrial or municipal wastewater operator is easier now than ever before. Search for “wastewater operator” or “wastewater operator jobs” in the following websites to start your search:

Getting Licensed

You can apply for a job without being licensed, as most companies will allow you to work while you are going through training. Most companies will even pay for you to attend class making the process of becoming an operator fairly inexpensive.