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If your business produces wastewater as defined by the MWRA, then you more than likely need a MWRA Sewer Use Discharge Permit. This permit legally allows you to discharge your effluent (wastewater) directly to the MWRA sewage system.  Applying for a permit may seem like a daunting process, but these next 3 steps will help you navigate through the tricky parts of the application. The end goal is to submit your application thoroughly and accurately to the MWRA, resulting in a Sewer Use Discharge Permit.

#1 Determine your facility requirements

The bulk of your permit application is to determine the characteristics and volume of the waste stream you are looking to discharge to the system. Depending on the products your company manufactures, your effluent (wastewater) could contain pollutants ranging from FOGs (fats, oils and grease) to pH and more. The permit application will ask you questions regarding the products you create as well as the day to day operations of the facility. Some of the things that would benefit you to find out before applying include: 

  • Your SIC (Standard Industrial Classification code) to find this information click here.  
  • A list of any chemicals and raw materials used in quantities over 5 gallons / 5 pounds on site.
  • If your company has prepared a Toxic Chemical Release Inventory reporting form or not.
  • Any management plans (such as: spill prevention control, source reduction plan, toxic organic management plan, etc.)
  • A list of all water sources and the amount(s) of water usage.
  • A drawing of the facility that shows any/all connections from the facility to the street sewer.

#2 Locate your pretreatment system P&ID and Flow Diagram

Example of a P&ID

Locate your Piping and Instrumentation Diagram (P&ID). This will be used to show the MWRA where your sewer connections are. If you do not have a P&ID diagram, our licensed engineers can assist you with creating one. Please email using subject headline “P&ID” for assistance.

#3 Submit your application to the correct authorities

Make sure to completely fill out every question on the form. If you are not able to answer a question or if the question does not apply for your facility, fill in the space with “N/A”. Failure to do so will result in a returned permit application and that will push back the process of you getting your permit.

Submit your final application and all attached forms to both the MWRA (located at 2 Griffin Way Chelsea, MA 02150-3334) as well as a copy of your application to the municipality where your facility is located. For a list of municipal addresses click here.

Once you have received your approved permit, read through it thoroughly. If you need help understanding the permit, click here for advice on how to understand your MWRA Sewer Use Discharge permit.

A final note on applying for your permit:

If you aren’t sure of your facilities requirements or need setting up a pretreatment system, call our team of compliance specialists at 617 423 5639, ext. 3 or fill out our contact form