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So you’ve landed on this page because for some reason or another, you either have or need to get your industrial wastewater operator license in the state of Massachusetts. Maybe you work in facilities and your boss told you that you need to get this license. Or, perhaps you are just looking for a new job opportunity and this is what you have happened to come across. Either way, there are many different career paths that can all stem from getting your wastewater operator license, and some unexpected benefits as well. Let’s explore what some of those benefits are below.

1. You bring value that nobody else has

When we look at business in a big picture way, being one of the only people in a department makes you invaluable. Being a wastewater operator is a little rare these days. It isn’t a very talked about career path but it is a career path that provides value to some of the biggest businesses out there. Pharmaceutical companies, laboratories and hospitals are usually the companies most operators work for.

2. You are exposed to cross-over industries

Lets say that you are currently working as a wastewater operator and don’t love your job (hey, it happens!) Frequently, there will be other people (outside of facilities) that will come in to help assist in environmental protection. You may come across everyone from a scientist to an engineer and who knows where that could lead you.

3. The barrier to entry is low but potential to grow is high.

Looking at the facts, it doesn’t take much effort or experience to become a licensed operator. Sure, you’ll have to sit through a state-approved course (such as ours) and pass the state exam but other than that, the qualifications are not very difficult. Furthermore, because there are very few skilled wastewater operators out there, the demand for the position is high.

4. Getting help is as simple as picking up the phone

If the system(s) you are working malfunction for one reason or another and you aren’t sure what is exactly wrong, outsourcing help is an easy option that will pay off long-term. Sometimes, systems malfunction in the middle of the night. You can easily outsource to a trusted environmental partner (such as our water and wastewater services division) to go in and handle things out of your control. What does that mean? Peace of mind!

5. One job, multiple different businesses

Overall, the businesses that require wastewater operators are varied. It all boils down to the permit that the company has with the state. Job opportunities range from pharmaceutical to food processing and beyond. Not too crazy about the industry your company is in? Easy! Switch to a new one while keeping the same job.

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