Photo of industrial plant water systems and pipes - sewer discharge system

We helped a brewery reduce its sewer costs by 75% by appropriately calculating sewer flow on its sewer effluent pipes.

Sewer Discharge Rebate Meter

We helped a large, private university mitigate unplanned night and weekend service work on their campus's seven pH systems by auditing and improving their design.

pH Neutralization System Evaluation & Upgrades

Practical Applicatoins Custom Legacy Mercury Clean Up Pure Water System

We helped a private research university save more than $100k by expediting their legacy mercury cleanup process, allowing them to relocate to a leased space more quickly.

Legacy Mercury Cleanup

We helped a technical design & engineering university remove bacteria from their pure water system by updating the ultrafilter and increasing the UV power.

Pure Water System Sanitization & Ultrafilter Update

Custom PH System

We helped a multinational biopharmaceutical company identify a code violation in their system and re-engineered the entire system while it was at full operation.

GMP Facility Wastewater Treatment System Upgrade

We helped an agricultural technology company cut its pure water budget by 50% and reduce ongoing operating costs by designing and installing a central water system to replace Milli Q units.

Milli Q Unit Replacement

We helped a biomedical and genomic research center identify significant safety issues in their Steam Effluent Decontamination System and designed a new, safer solution.

Steam Effluent Decontamination System Evaluation